Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tropical Fruits in season

So after months of searching & collecting, we finally got a few of our Fruits of Labour - the seasonal tropical fruits for now. Sorry, if you are thinking of the palatable Durian, Mango, Sq H2O Melon etc, too bad for we found none of those except the JackfruitS.
First pix on left shows the smaller fruits while the ones on the right are bigger - just imagine .... the "nut" of the big one on top is almost the size of the fist of Plywood, or is s/he Ploywind?
Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics. BTW these are not the full fruits of our Labour. There are still more, like ... sorry, I forgot, due to the extremely wet July. Wet weather erode my memory. Inspite of the wet weather, we still have to hug the trees. If you ever try hugging a tree when the bark is wet, pls don't take the public transport back home w/o a change of clothing, unless you are targetting for a Free stay at the infamous 5 star Wooden Bridge Hostel.
Enjoy our Fruits & tell us their names if you can.

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