Wednesday, July 20, 2005

five long wings

Thought you have seen it all? 3 long + 2 short wings, 2 long + 3 really short ones, 4 long ones...etc. So who is this with 5 long wings? Well, it is something from plywind's Siam trip. Easy to guess huh =) Notice the resin exuded from the tip of the nut?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Shorea parvifolia

Aaaaaaah! Finally, we got the mysterious one - Shorea parvifolia (Meranti Sarang Punai). We were wondering why during this masting period, when all Dipterocarpaceae are fruiting .... this parvi, that parvi, all not flowering & fruiting! Why??

Finally, Bluebird nailed one tree deep in the Jungle Fall Valley and confirmed by his very good Nikon bino.

Sorry Plywind, you missed it. We will show you the location if you treat us to a nice lunch of BIG prawn noodles across from BTNR.

Hope you all enjoy the pics, it may be another 8 years before you see another one of these mysterious fruits. Really beautiful with 3 very long wings.