Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Scaphium macropoda

Cheng teng anyone? Visitors to BTNR are now treated to the sight of spilled jelly along the main road, near Kruing Hut. This jelly substance, is more often seen in our popular local dessert, Cheng Teng. The jelly substance came from the seed, after it has absorbed moisture. This jelly possibly provide nutrients to the developing embryo. Even people who purchase the seed from shops may not recognise it, dangling from its splitted open fruit pod, which resembles a boat. This boat-like design acts like a spiraling parachute, dispersing the seed some distance away from the parent tree. If you are lucky enough, you might be treated to the sight of the fruit spiraling down.
The scientific name of this tree is Scaphium macropoda, and in Malay, Kembang Semangkok. Medicinal value of S. macropoda has long been recorded in Chinese medicinal books and is said to be good for asthma, sore throat, constipation and alleviates heatiness in general.
Right now, especially after the numerous downpours last week, many young S. macropoda seedlings are sprouting out among the mess of jelly!


nan said...

ohhhhh!!! i like cheng tng!!!!

Monkey said...

i just had the "jelly" last week as a medicine for my sorethroat / fever / heatiness!!! it worked very well i recovered after 2 days of consumption

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