Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rains of Flowers

It has all in all, been a fruitful field week, and we have been blessed with showers... not of the water sort... but of flowers! Especially now that SHORCU, the most abundant Shorea is also flowering, ed, bluebird and plywind are quickly adorned with nature's pretties, once they step into the forest. Yet for those of you familiar with SHORCU's flowers, you will soon notice that it is conspicuously missing from the picture above. as the tiny flowers are not for amateur photographer like ply.

Yup, this being the mass flowering period, flowers are everywhere to be seen in the forests. Still, not everyone is appreciative of this rare display of Mother Nature. Majority of the throng at BTNR still stomp through the forest, without seeing much. What a pity!

Well, after much has been said about mass flowering, just what is so special about this, that makes many of us nature lovers go gag gag over? And what triggers this phenomenon? Some thing to chew over this long weekend ;)

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