Sunday, April 17, 2005

We are not alone!

This blog is too empty, I thought. What to do? The trees are just too many for Plywind and Bluebird.. Sigh.. We hope we can have 48 hours a day.. or a helicopter to help us accessing the canopy!

Nevertheless, our work is still very exciting! Not only the magnificent trees, but also some surprise encounters you might get.. day-in, day-out.

A common sun skink, Mabuya multifasciata, just at the Visitor Center. It is usually seen basking under the sun along most forest trails.
(Pic by plywind, at BTNR Visitor Center, 17-03-2005)

Juvenile of a Malayan giant frog, Linnonectes blythii, sighted at the pool along Cave Path. This is one of the largest frogs in Southeast Asia - able to grow up to 18cm long. The adults feed on a variety of large prey including crabs and even frogs!
(Pic by bluebird, at Cave Path pool, 30-03-2005)

This colugo, Cynocephalus variegatus, was resting (sleeping?) on this Magnolia elegans when it was approached and disturbed (by us, the tree-huggers!). Flabbergasted, it quickly climbed up the tree into the canopy. My previous colugo sighting (at Ken's reforestation plot - behind South View Hut) was more than a little surprise - a gliding performance!
(Pic by bluebird, at Fern Valley beside Quarry Road, 13-04-2005)

Juvenile of a Wagler's pit-viper, Tropidolaemus wagleri. Venomous, but unlikely to cause death, this beautiful snake can grow up to 1 meter and turn darker when it's grown up.
(Pic by plywind, at Rock Path-Catchment Path? 16-03-2005)

Cute! This juvenile spiny hill terrapin, Heosemys spinosa, will lose its 'spines' on shell when it's grown. Its colour matches the leaf litter on forest ground, perfectly. Needing such a wonderful camouflage (for protection), I wonder what animal would eat this dangerous-looking creature with spiny-shell! (but I still think it is cute, though!)
(Pic by plywind, at Rock Path-Catchment Path? 17-03-2005)

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